Our Work

Watford City, ND

Road Widening and Reconstruction in Heavy Traffic


Cost: $16,419,279

In 2014 we tackled the challenge of widening and repaving the very high-traffic stretch of ND Highway 23 from Watford City east to Johnson’s Corner. Minnesota-based Park Construction was the prime contractor on the project and hired Mayo Construction as the subcontractor responsible for all paving. This massive job required 148,000 tons of high-grade asphalt mix with modified oil laid at an extra-thick paving depth to accommodate heavy truck traffic from surrounding oil fields. Mayo Construction had to import the aggregate for this project from Montana as there was not an available supply near the job site. To facilitate this our team fabricated a custom, dual-purpose truck scale to weigh and unload the imported aggregate. Our president, Greg Mayo, personally designed the scale that also features a conveyer belt to transport the aggregate for piling.

As a main thoroughfare in the area, the road had to remain open during construction. Additional pilot cars and flaggers were added to keep the traffic flowing and ensure safe working conditions. Despite the challenge of working around the heavy traffic, we managed to finish the project on time and on budget.