Mayo Construction Company, Inc. is a third generation contractor with its beginnings dating back to just after the end of World War I. In the summer of 1923, Joe Mayo purchased a steam engine to custom harvest area crops, but soon found himself in the road construction business. The crews began by grading area roads for organized townships and local farmers. Soon they were bidding on county and state roads.

The company grew and flourished through the hard work and dedication of its local employees. In the early 1940’s, the United States again found itself involved in a global conflict. Joe Mayo was forced to sell his equipment to the U.S. Government to help build the strategic Alcan Highway. At the conclusion of World War II, Joe and his son, John, restarted the company under the name Joe Mayo & Sons, Inc. and began to build highways again.

The company expanded its efforts to include grading, gravel base, and hot bituminous paving. By the mid-1970’s, the company was working in as many as four northern tier states and had over 300 employees. In the fall of 1977, Joe Mayo & Sons, Inc. sold all of its equipment assets at auction and the company was reborn by Joe’s grandsons as Mayo Construction Company, Inc.

This new company chose to specialize in the asphalt paving and restoration of area airports, highways, city streets, and parking lots. The three brothers Tim, Greg, and Joe Mayo began by forming a company whose passion was to build the highest quality standards.  To do this, it took  incorporating the most modern equipment available and assembling a skilled and dedicated workforce, who would take pride in a job well done, completed safely, and by time and budget specifications.

The spirit of partnering with owners, engineers, architects, and quality subcontractors and suppliers was part of the original business plan long before such words were incorporated into construction contracts. Mayo Construction Company, Inc. has completed hundreds of successful projects over the past 35 years for a multitude of owners.

The company’s main focus continues to be asphalt paving. With three portable asphalt paving plants and auxiliary equipment, Mayo’s crew is capable of placing over one million tons of paving materials annually. The company also performs several proven asphalt restoration specialties such as milling and microsurfacing.

Mayo Construction Co., Inc. competes mostly on the open market through the competitive bid process on government contracts, typically raging from $550,000 to $10,000,000 in size. The company operates as a non-union, general contractor with approximately 175 employees at summer’s full peak. Annual sales typically range from $50,000,000 to $100,000,000.